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Help! english war poetry essay?

Hey, so Im in year 8, Im in top set for English. We have already chosen our gcse's options, and will be starting them next year (year 9). English is compulsory and I really want to get an A/A* in my gcse's, even though Im only in year 8, I work hard in making sure my levels are the best, and one of the assessments we are going to do this following week are about war poetry. This is a very important test, so I want to get the best possible level.Here is what Im going to write. The question is how do different poets portray viewpoint through language, structure, tone?(Im only going to write 1 of my paragraphs, not the whole essay)In 'Dulce et decorum., 'Who's for the game', 'Does it matter?', and 'The Hero' each poet uses tone to express their viewpoint on war. Each poet has a different tone and mood to the poem creating a different atmosphere, and portraying viewpoint. Wilfred Owen in 'Dulce Et decorum est' had a very sad, tired mood throughout the poem, and his viewpoint on war was that its wrong, not right, tiring, hard and bad. An example of the mood in the poem portraying viewpoint is 'Bent double, like old beggars under sacks, Knock-Kneed, coughing like hags, we cursed through sludge.' Wilfred Owen used words like 'cursed' to describe movement, and in other words is saying 'Dont go to war, its tiring, and hard work.' On the other hand Jessie Pope, the poet of, 'Who's for the game?' had a totally different mood/tone to the poem therefore she had a different viewpoint. She had a rather exciting, cheerful and fun tone to the poem, and was saying 'GO TO WAR!'. an example of a cheerful mood in the poem is 'who'll toe the line for the signal to 'go'?, who'll give his country a hand?' This tells us that she thinks the war is a game, and very victorious.In my opinion, she was wanting the reader to think' I will. I will go fights for out country and be a hero'. Therefore she wants people to go to war, and has a good viewpoint on it.So there, that was one of my PEA paragraphs of my essay. Im extremely sorry it was so long! Please tell me on average what level/grade it could approx. be. and what would you change to make it better. Thanks very much.

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    i don’t really know about Wilfred Owen so may be you could fine some useful information in this site but you kind of have to join in to read all of the essay (sorry). Im only in 7th grade so i dont know much.