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I am in search of a Liberal that will allow me to interview them, any takers?

I'm writing a college essay comparing and contrasting liberals and conservatives, in my area there are few liberals. If anyone is interested please give me your email address and then we can interview back and fourth questions and answers. -Thanks!

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  1. Libra says:

    do they have to be in your area, and where are you?

  2. deink says:

    I’d be happy to help, but I’m not an extremist liberal if that’s what you’re looking for. Just click on my avatar to email me.

  3. favoured says:

    You can contact me through Yahoo via this link: [external link] …Depends on how long it takes, but I always like to educate people, especially if they don’t have the opportunity to be exposed to different points of view.

  4. zampino says:

    I’ll do it

  5. chylophylly says:

    Me. [email not allowed]

  6. aumoine says:

    I’m a registered independent – let me know if you want a non-partisan view to round out your essay.

  7. flightful says:

    I would happely do so. [email not allowed] . Please, please don’t send me no stupid things because I honestly just want to help you.

  8. lehuas says:

    From the 1000′s of entries into Y/A from both sides, you still think you’re short of essay material?I actually feel that what you read here is authentic feelings and beliefs by participants as they can give it to you from their guts being anonymous in front of a computer screen. In person or having somehow having identity be known will draw only pc spin.From the posts and replies, it’s easy to ID the morons, idiots and that % of misfits by the things they write.

  9. depopulator says:

    If you want a Canadian left leaning perspective, I would also be happy to assist. But this may be out of the scope of your topic.

  10. revelers says:

    You’re lucky to live in an area like that. Betcha no takers because they won’t have The Communist Manifesto in front of them to quote from.

  11. reindebtedness says:

    You can message me back if you are interested, I don’t feel comfortable giving out my email on here.

  12. drumbled says:

    I am not a liberal but I side with them sometimes. I’m a conservative that hasn’t taken the train ride to the extreme right with the tea party conservatives. If you need someone like me as well, send an email.