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Please help me with latin 2 please, i will award 10 points if you describe it?

05.12 People, Places, and Events of the RepublicPeople, Places, and EventsWhen studying history, it is important to understand the interrelationship of people, places, and events. To know about them as individual, discrete entities is not sufficient. Below are four opportunities to intertwine time, place, people, and events as you explore the epic proportion of the history of the Romans.Write the following four short essays. In each, identify the following people, places, and events and their interrelationship. What is their importance to Roman history?Essay #1 includes the following:The first triumvirate, the second triumvirate, Cicero, Catiline and his conspiracy, Cleopatra and Mark AntonyEssay #2 includes the following:Patricians, plebeians, tribunes, aedile, praetor, quaestor, the cursus honorum and the GracchiEssay #3 includes the following:Cato, Scipio Africanus, Regulus and the Punic WarsEssay #4 includes the following:Pyrrhus of Epirus and what a Pyrrhic victory means in EnglishResearch your answers using the following sites: [external link] (Marcus_Tullius).htmlGracchi, The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition (2001-05) provided by Bartleby.com [external link] essay has to be in latin and short. PLEASEEEE help. THANKyOU

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