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Do you know any myths and/or legends of Krakatau?

Also known as Krakatoa.I'm doing an essay on the history of Krakatau, and I was wondering about myths and legends.If you know any, please answer.THANK YOU

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  1. apheta says:

    Simon Winchester wrote a compelling bestseller “Krakatoa: The Day the World Exploded” a quarter-century ago, and the book is available in libraries and on Amazon. (Go to amazon.com and read the reviews; it’s worth it.)Variously, 36,000 or 40,000 were killed, mostly by the tsunami, which was a 37-meter wave — much larger than the recent one in Japan. The wave circled the globe, and was recorded as 1 to 3 inches (as I recall) in England.Some say the explosion was the biggest bang ever heard in recorded history … it was heard in Singapore, and maybe India and East Africa … but I’ve read that the bang from Tambora was louder. Tambora (1815) was four times as powerful as Krakatoa (1883), but the latter became more famous because by 1883, the world’s communication technology had improved a lot, mostly due to the telegraph.I recall reading about ships in the area that survived the tsunami because they were out to sea where the wave hadn’t built up. Some ships were covered with volcanic ash.In the early 19th century, the Dutch had colonized Indonesia, then known as the Dutch East Indies. There were political implications emanating from the Krakatoa eruption, but I can’t remember the details.A new volcanic island, Anak Krakatoa (child of Krakatoa) has risen out of the ocean there, and it is volcanically active.