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How to write a College Application Essay?

My teacher assigned my class to write an essay to a college and I don't know where to start. So how do you keep 3 paragraphs under 500 words showing, not telling, a certain quality.I want to be a vet tech, and I was going to show empathy for animals. I was thinking for my first paragraph I'd write about the death of one of my dogs. Second, I was thinking about using the situation where I was 4 and sat on and killed a rat. And lastly, I was thinking about using the dog I have right now, and how I care about him so much. Do those show empathy?

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    Do you want to go to college or hug animals all day?! The purpose of the college application essay is to make the school feel that: 1) you will be able to do the work, 2) you will be a positive addition to their student body, and 3) there is something special about you that they want.You want to include for #1 that you are above average academically (good grades, etc.)For #2, you will take your education seriously and set a good example, and for #3, that you love animals and you already know that you want to gain the knowledge and skills that will allow you to help keep them healthy and safe.