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What should I expect from attending a literary event?

For a college assignment, I will be attending an literary event at a book store. The author will be reading a children's book.What other things do authors usually discuss in these type of events? Do they talk about their life, their steps in publishing the books, etc.? Do you think she will read the 35 page picture book? I was just curious because I have to plan what information I can use for my essay.

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  1. behlert says:

    I’ve never been to a reading of a children’s book, but I’ve been to readings of adult (no, not porn, haha…just not children’s) books. The author reads a passage of their choice, sometimes from the beginning and sometimes not, and will NEVER read for more than 10-15 minutes. Usually it is 5-10 minutes. If this is a book for very young children, there will probably be kids there, and it will be a picture book, meant to be read aloud–and it will not take long to read it aloud (yes, even 35 pages of it), so the author might read the whole thing.In my experience, the author will then take questions. People will ask things like, What inspires you to write? How did you get the idea for this novel? Who was your favorite character? And then things that are more specific to that book. Then the author will usually sign his/her book…and everyone leaves.They probably won’t discuss the steps they took in publishing the book–they are there to talk about THEIR writing, not about some other industry. They might talk about their life a little bit, but not much–because you could just look that up online, and they’d be wasting your time talking about that. They’ll be talking about things you couldn’t find out about otherwise.