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First time writing theoritical essay on Freud Dream analysis. need some help.?

Im desperate for some tips on how to write an essay. I suffer from anxiety and depression which makes it difficult to conentrate adn understand what im reading but im wanting to do the best i can with this condition.so far Im trying to find reliable or good frew websites with information on history of dream analysis, info about mersmer, the symbols of dreams and techniques etc. I think this should be enough to cover 1500 words. It also has to be in third person and present tense which i tend to muck up so is their any tips on how to keep focused on the task while remembering to write in that tense. Im not sure exactly what they mean by present tense. Thanks for reading this and any help would be greatfull

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    Finding the websites is easy enough. Just relax, imagine that it is easy and trust God.Number one, learn to concentrate by paying particular attention to spelling. It will be great if you can spell correctly every word you encounter but is not required. However, it will help you tremendously when it comes time to utilize search engines and spell checkers. The goal is to train your intuition about words.Second, here are examples of the third person present tense. Before that, here is a breakdown of persons:Singular:1st I2nd you3rd he, she, or it (she-it!)Plural:1st we2nd you3rd theyThe present tense covers action happening now:He quickly writes (present tense), and does so extremely well.Anton Mesmer? He is (present tense) the father of modern hypnosis.She searches (present tense) for answers. He teaches (present tense) well his class.It is necessary for us to continue telling this story as if it is happening right now, eventhough it tells (present tense) events from a hundred years ago. (This last sentence was (past tense) a bit tricky. Sometimes you have to play mind games to get it right).First, write your paper by putting down your main ideas. Afterwards, as you read over it, check to see if it fits the pattern of the 3rd person present. Just think about telling what your Mom or Dad is doing right now without mentioning either by name.Earf!

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