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Okay, i have to write an essay on my best friends.(please dont ask why.)?

i have three best friends, k. Taylor Meadows- tall, boy, baseball player, b-ball player, and football player. real good friend. he always stands up for me, and supports me.( he rocks! Hes so cool, and hes really gr8t! But i dont like his "girlfriend". btw, any ideas on how to make him brake up w/ her?)Ivey thrift- short,girl,softball player, has asthma, (shes real funny, we both love softball, and, shes awesome!)Maggie Barnes- average,girl, rides horses,VERY girly, dads n army.( shes my cousin, very weak, tries to agitate taylor, shes my cousin.)all of us love to text each other, all are friendly, athletic, and hilarious! please!PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! HELP!…

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  1. spue says:

    I would say you’re friend Taylor, he seems like the best one for your essay, and it seems that he’s the closest to you. oh and if you wanted to get them to break up, act like you don’t care about him and his girlfriend, act oblivious, and every-time your in a group together especially with other guys around flirt with them. Act like he’s not even there and see how he reacts. oh also don’t return his text messages quickly, or at times don’t text back, and if he asks why say you didn’t get it, make sure though to delete it to further prove your point. But like i said earlier i would chose Taylor as your essay topic. Good luck!