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Unfairness of wealth distribution, this is my topic for a social position paper ( please comment on essay)?

"Life is unfair" this is phrased so many times within our life time, but the people who presents this idea to us; do they know what unfair really is? Have they overcome unfairness and the disturbing reality that follows it? It’s within honesty to suggest that life is only unfair to people who don’t realize unfairness is occurring within their environment. wealth distribution is said to be a case within the "unfair" trail. I believe the unfairness of wealth distribution that is occurring around the world is occurring for many different reasons, one of the reason being where the continent or country or even city lays at in the grid of power,development and historically Unfairness is almost indescribable. It could be represented in many different statements or ideas and can be looked at from many different points of views and perspectives. An example of this is a kid who doesn’t receive his evening treat; is that really unfair?-it might be for the kid; since he sees the treat as a requirement-Or should we look at unfairness as those kids in Africa who don’t receive a single bite to fight off their hunger?-this wouldn’t be unfair to those kids because they are used to the struggle of finding their own needs" No one really knows what to think of unfairness as. I as an intelligent being; I survey a wide assortment of ideas and perspectives; an example would be looking at unfairness form a childish view or a little more mature view of a teenager and still gather the same thought-this said; the child and teenager would be rather wealthy- I would attack unfairness as not receiving what I "want"- which in a collective view is ironic since it’s "UNFAIR" to think of unfairness in such a way. That is NOT unfairness-it might be for those two age groups who are wealthy enough to view it at such circumstances-; unfairness is what’s occurring around the world this very moment, the starvation of children in Africa or Asia or in countries and places that are thought of in a more wealthy view such as the U.S.A; yet it doesn’t occur to too many beings that this is one of the true meaning of unfairness-starvation. At this very moment its 2008 October the 23th 7: 35 P.M and there are 6,701,887,230 people on this earth, some struggling for food and drinkable water, some are dealing with family issues and some are having the time of their lives; this has been the case of people for millions of years; time hasn’t come to a point where it interferes with those people and what they are doing at this very moment; yet it’s fair to say that time can eventually come to a point where it may erases the struggle of finding food and clean water; but it’s also fair to say that time can also come to a point where it can erase everything: such as happiness . Wealth distribution is a big ball player in the game of "unfairness". Unfairness and wealth distribution go hand in hand. For example, look at the difference of overall wealth of a continent such as Africa and a continent such as North America or Europe! We see an enormous change of lifestyle and environmental factors; the fact of why this enormous change occurs within these two rather large continents is unknown; unknown, but it’s not wrong to say that one factor that could have played an important role in determining wealth distribution may be the history of the continent or country. If you look at histories of any state and the history of many African countries you will surely find an outstanding difference. Proof of this is where the country or continent sit at right now-status wise. The history of Africa and North America has extreme differences; Africa was ruled by other colonizing European countries for quite a while, which brought down its status. But when we look at America, it was never ruled by any other opposing countries. America is said to be self powered. Looking more closely at wealth distribution and fairness of the distribution we can look at a student attending an American school and an African student attending an African school (most of the time children in Africa don’t even receive the privilege of attending school)- another unfortunate fact of wealth distribution- the American student would receive quiet the education and an opportunity to successfully get places; the African child on the other hand struggles to find a pencil and a paper to write down the rather miserable education provided to become something in the near future. Opportunities are provided in the bigger "historical player" (North America), but Africa receives nothing except starvation, misery and at some points death of its young. even though history is a big part of wealth distribution the leading government of the country is also important since it usually decides how wealth is to be spread within the country, a bad ruling government will mean power distribution and sometimes even theft of a country's wealth, an example of this bad leadership is Saddam Hussein, previous president of iraq

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    Get your facts straight…Starvation in Africa is not caused by an unfair distribution of food, per se. The starvation is a direct result of warfare, theft, and cleptocracy. We send food and aid, and the rulers and warlords steal it.In societies that enact enough redistribution of the wealth, nobody creates any, and nobody gets any (except the rulers, who steal what little there is).