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English speaking and listening exam?

I have a speaking and listening exam on Monday and i am completely stuck on what to talk about. The topic is "don't get me started on...", for which I have to talk to my class about one of my 'pet hates'. I also need a different matter to talk about for an essay on the same topic on Thursday. Please help me choose some topics. :)

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  1. rogued says:

    Pet hates: “Don´t get me started on …. “,litter, swearing in public, chewing gum stuck to pavements, traffic jams, using mobile phones whilst driving, listening to music through earphones and so is everyone else, dog poo in public places, talking loudly at the cinema.Just some ideas.

  2. alabamide says:

    I have a speaking and listening exam as well but on Tuesday. The specification just says that you need to use sophisticated language and vocab. Also you must be able to hold the listeners attention. This would be if you would like to get into band 5, for more info go to [external link] … This tells you all about it. As for the topic, it doesn’t really matter but it has to be something you will be able to talk about in detail. Therefore you should perhaps do something that you complain about a lot, if you are like most teens then it would probably be something to do with teachers, school or homework ect. Good luck