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How can I write this cat essay?

I need help on writing a cat essay?Im not so great on writing essays but am good on writing stories anyways, I really need help I just need the first paragraph on the essay. Like an intro to saying to my parents that a cat can be perfect to our family. that i will pay for the cat and such. please help I just need something to start me up and can you give me some good care sites for cats like how guinea pig care site is guinealynx.com. and please start me up.

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  1. rescues says:

    Here you go: Dear Mom and Dad, I have been doing a lot of research on cats and the benefits that they can bring to the household. In addition to the enjoyment we will receive from the cat, I will learn responsibility and we will be helping a cat that my have been euthanized otherwise. Additionally, cats are proven to reduce blood pressure and they are also proven to reduce stress in the household. I know you may be worried about the expense of adding a feline to the household (especially with today’s economy) but I can assure you that I have planned a budget to help cover the costs of the cat. I have a part time job and will contribute all of my money to the expenses of the cat BEFORE purchasing anything for myself. I understand the costs and have created a list of supplies as well as their costs to follow. I have also included a schedule for the care of the cat which shows when I will feed, clean the litter box, groom and train the cat. I am willing to sign a contract that if I do not take care of my obligations to the cat in terms of the cost or the responsibility I will lose a privelage such as TV, phone or computer for a length of time determined by you. List of CostsCat from an animal shelter $100 or less (includes shots, spay/neuter)Food $10 per monthLitter $10 per monthLitter box $15Water and food bowls $2Scratching post $10Toys $5Annual veterinary care (non emergency) $70 or $8 saved per month.Total startup: $152 and Monthly after that: $28This will get you started, now you need a schedule of care.