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I need a laptop for school and gaming, any ideas?

I start my first semester of college in August and need a reliable laptop for school work (essays, etc.), browsing the internet, listening to music, watching movies, and some gaming.The games I will play are World of Warcraft + all the expansions and possibly Warhammer: Age of Reckoning when it is released.I can not spend over $900 and I don't really want to buy it online for returning/repair issues.

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  1. recocks says:

    Dell XPS M1330. There’s a deal right now making it $899.I’m pretty sure it’ll handle WoW with the integrated solution. As long as the games aren’t too graphics-intense, integrated works well.Some stores like Best Buy carry this. But you pay a markup price.

  2. vilification says:

    best buy is having a sale on some good laptops

  3. capogro says:

    Simple answer: [external link] ‘type=product’id=1205537513321This has ALL you need… a HUGE hard drive, a nice screen, 3Gb of RAM, a good graphics card, Bluetooth, Wireless B/G/N, and it even looks sleek… I would definitely go for this! The only con is the processor speed, but that’s what make it affordable. :P (this thing cud probably play Crysis!)

  4. postmuscular says:

    Honestly… you cannot hope to get a good gaming laptop for only $900……….. also.. do you really wanna start off your first semester of college with games? From what I experienced.. first year is the hardest because that is when they weed out those who aren’t serious about school. But if WoW is all you want to play: nvidia 8800 is ideal but nvidia8600m will suffice. Regular integrated intel will be able to run it but probably not at a good framerate, video quality will be low, and distance rendering will be low (real bad for pvp-ing) with all the new expansions and warhammer will definately not run. If you really want a laptop that will run the latest warhammer.. you’re looking at a$3000 falcon northwest =/