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Is this paragraph about my partner too mean to turn in?

In English we got paired up and we have to pretend our partner is a client of ours and we're writing an interesting essay to get them onto a reality tv show. My partner is soo rude and mean and she's a bully. I tried to make my essay as nice as I could because she gets to read it and so does the teacher but there was no way for me to make this paragraph nice. What do you think?"Her determination to get her way would be certain to stir up some drama on the show. A good example of this would be a few days ago at lunch. Sam was at lunch with her friends and got up to throw some trash away. When she returned to her seat a ninth grader has taken her spot, and needless to say, Sam was not too happy. In anger, she yelled at the freshman, who then proceeded to move elsewhere. Later, in the hallway, while walking with her friends, Sam saw the same freshman walking by herself to class. Still upset over the stolen seat incident, she taunted the girl and said things like, "I wonder why that girl has no friends." Obviously, she succeeded in her mission of making the ninth grader uncomfortable. All of this was in reaction to losing her seat. Just imagine the feathers she would ruffle on the show. "Oh and by the way, she told me this story herself and was laughing about it.

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    ya that may be a little hurtful if the whole class hears it. keep it to yourself