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Orthadox christian views on suicide.?

reet... i have to do an essay on different views on suicide within christianity. I have done catholic and protestant but cant seem to find anything on Orthodox Christians. If you know anything about any type of christians and their views on suicide please reply :) thanks guys ,

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  1. thughes says:

    It is a mortal sin.

  2. uneschewed says:

    im not orthadox christian or anything, but suicide is stupid. why end your life like that

  3. xerotic says:

    Taking your life is really bad karma. Because you are going to have to come back to earth and start all over again, only next time goodness knows what you will be born into. You have to learn your lessons so suicide is so sad because you have not at all sorted out your problems, indeed you have added a huge burden.

  4. meshworks says:

    Well its murder, so its a sin, so you go to hell etc etc

  5. whippsg says:

    The answer is clear: “Suicide is the taking of one’s own life. The Orthodox Church has, over the centuries, taught that we do not have the right to take our own lives, since life is a gift from God which we are called upon to preserve and enhance. Hence, the Church considers direct suicide, when a person destroys his or her life with his or her own hand, to be the most serious kind of murder, because there is no opportunity for repentance. The canons and practice of the Church thus prohibit a Church burial to a person who has committed suicide. “Exception can be made if it can be shown that the person was not in his right mind.Another explanation is that suicide indicates that one has lost hope; hope in God, hope in salvation; hope in forgiveness. God is our hope; lack of hope is separation from God.

  6. panty says:

    The more christians who commit suicide,the more peaceful the world becomes.

  7. unwishes says:

    This is the only sin one has no chance to repent.

  8. coalyard says:

    they know its wrong=murder..ALL THE SAVED KNOW its wrong..im methodist

  9. calyphyomy says:

    It is a failure (however understandable) to realise God loves you.