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What are my chances at getting into UCI or UCR?

What are my chances at getting into UCI or UCR?I'm in my senior year doing applications for the UC's, and I'm deathly afraid I won't get in. What are my chances at getting into University of California Irvine and Riverside?My major for UCI is School of Social Ecology Psychology and Social Behavior with the alternate being Computer ScienceFor UCR is Psychology and Psychology/Law and Society for alternate.Here's my information so far:GPA: 3.65 (10-12) 3.5(9-12)SAT: 650 Crit 650 Writing 700 MathSecond in family to go to college4 years foreign languageTaking/took 6 AP classes and 5 honors during HS.I have served the homeless and less fortunate at a soup kitchen for 3 years, was in the Youth Action Team for 2, had a work observation internship sort of thing at a counseling center + filing papers, logging records, etc volunteer experience for a week (25 hours) , and as a Sunday Bible school teacher's aid for a year.I have been a practitioner of kendo for more than 5 years with a first Dan and played the guitar for 4 years (self taught, teacher taught).My work experience includes being a General Contractor's Assistant for 2 years and as a cashier at a sandwich shop for 1 year.From what I've given, how much of a chance do I have at getting into either school? And how much do the schools care about each section (like community service, awards, work experience, essay, gpa, SAT, etc)? Also, does getting ranks in Kendo qualify as an achievement or award? Sorry if I'm leaving anything out, I'll add it if I can. Thanks for reading!

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  1. vertebre says:

    First off, take your two SAT Subject Exams! They are required when applying to any of the UC schools. As for your SAT scores, extracurricular activities/jobs, and GPA, you’re set. Just make sure you write a strong personal statement.I would also consider applying to UC Berkeley, UCLA, and UCSD if I were in your shoes–unless the GPA you noted on this post is your weighted GPA–because you are a very strong applicant and will probably be accepted to one of them, along with UCR and UCI.Finally, getting ranks in Kendo definitely qualifies as an achievement/award, so be sure to list it!Best of luck!

  2. Psithyrus says:

    Scratch what I said about Subject Tests; the UCs don’t require them anymore ( [external link] …As for contacting me, compile a list of questions you have and email them to [email not allowed] Report Abuse