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What is the standard font & size to use when writing an essay for school?

Times New Roman, size 12, double spacedSet up the margins as follows:Top and Bottom: 1 inchLeft and Right: 1.25 inches

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  1. cuthell says:

    Kat has it right for almost every class that I have taken, there have been very few exceptions and those are the ones that will let you know ahead of time that they want a 1″ left and right margin…Also, it is becoming more common for teacher/professors to require you to email your essay to them.. the reason is so that they can use a program that searches the internet for major portions of your essay for which you did not put footnotes or acknowledge that someone else wrote it…The same thing normally goes for research papers these days too.. oh.. and by the way.. if you take information off of the internet and don’t cite it in a research paper, some schools will boot you out and blackball you for 5 years (or 10 if it is in your major).

  2. noncontradictory says:

    First, you can start by asking your teacher what font and size they prefer. In general, most standard academic writing would be font size of 10 or 12 and front of Helvetica or Times Roman. Some schools may require something different so always good to ask.You can also experiment with a font that you like better like Garamond and others if there is no specific requirement in your syllabus or assignment information.

  3. bullaces says:

    It’s called MLA format.Times New Roman, size 12. double spaced.Also you’re supposed to have a header and footer…It will probably be easier if you look up a website that helps with MLA formating — it can get a bit confusing. =)

  4. vlokken says:

    Times new roman or courier new, font size 12… double spaced or 1.5 spaced depending if you have a page limit to submit.