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English Help Anyone? Its a lot but Some Help Would Be OUTSTANDING?

What is the theme of a text? A. The reason why an author is sharing the piece B. The author’s point of view C. The main character’s motivation D. The author’s observations about the world 2. What is purpose in relationship to a writing’s theme? A. Why a character does what he does B. Why a genre is chosen C. Why a reader chooses a story D. Why an author is sharing the piece 3. What is the common theme of most of the readings in this unit? A. Man vs. nature B. Heroism requires self-sacrifice C. Generational differences D. People are all basically the same 4. Which of these is an example of loaded words? A. There is no liability in not helping a choking victim. B. The people maliciously danced around the choking victim. C. The man choked on his dinner. D. Nobody noticed the man choking. 5. Which of these criteria is not used to determine genre? A. Length B. Tone C. Copyright date D. Content 6. What does genre mean? A. The way a setting is delivered B. A loose system for categorizing C. How a theme is promoted D. A type of characterization 7. Which statement is true of fiction genres and theme? A. The theme is revealed in a subtle manner through elements such as setting, character and plot. B. The theme is revealed through quotes from primary sources. C. The theme is revealed through facts about the subject. D. The theme is revealed in an obvious manner through elements such as setting, character, and plot. 8. In which genre does an essay belong? A. Poetry B. Novel C. Nonfiction D. Biography 9. Which of the following is a root word? A. Impromptu B. Prompted C. Prompt D. Prompting 10. Which word does not contain a prefix? A. Uncommon B. Motivate C. Contradict D. Exclude 11. The two op-ed articles base their argument on the fatal crash of Princess Diana. Answer True False 12. Loaded words are intended to appeal to the reader’s logic. Answer True False 13. "The Parable of the Good Samaritan" written by Luke is nonfiction. Answer True False 14. "A State Championship Versus Runner’s Conscience" by John Christian Hoyle is a nonfiction work. Answer True False 15. "Everyman" alluded to in "The Man in the Water" by Roger Rosenblatt symbolizes an ordinary person who symbolizes the whole human race. Answer True False 16. The purpose of Roger Rosenblatt’s "The Man in the Water" is to point out how tragic the plane crash was. Answer True False 17. Genre choice can be dictated by the author’s purpose. Answer True False 18. Authors of nonfiction make generalizations to convey the theme. Answer True False 19. Fiction writers must cite evidence to support the theme. Answer True False 20. In shorter genres such as poems, the theme must be conveyed more succinctly. Answer True False 21. Match the writing with the correct genre 1. Shakespeare’s sonnets 2. Autobiography 3. A funny skit 4. Mystery 5. Hamlet A. Tragic drama B. Nonfiction prose C. Fictional prose D. Poetry E. Comedy drama

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