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Please grade my SAT essay?

topic: Are we free to make our own choices in life, or are our decisions always limited by the rules of society? In an Utopian society one may be allowed to make one's own choices in life all the time;however in the world the harsh reality is that our decisions are always limited by the rules of the society. In order to reach an equilibrium and contain a society without much chaos we must follow rules and without conforming to those rules we must face consequences. These consequences are what limits a person from doing whatever he or she truly wants. The book To Kill a Mockingbird and the movie The Reader are perfect examples of people being limited by the rules of society when making decisions. The critically acclaimed book To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee centers around Atticus, Scott, and Jem. Atticus is the well known and respected lawyer in Maycomb county and Scott and Jem are his two children. Atticus's career is pout to the test when he defends Tom Robinson, a black man, against the charge of rape. The Ewells who are responsible for accusing Tom are considered to be the poorest and least respected family in all of Maycomb but Tom Robinson was considered much worse than them due to his skin color. Even though Atticus provides plausible evidence against the Ewells, such as showing Tom Robinson's left hand incapable of moving let alone beating someone as he was accused, the jury still found him guilty. Society due to its norms back then could have never accepted the innocence of a black man. In the academy award winning movie, The Reader, Kate Winslet'scharacter is put on trail for being a Nazi-German.She is blamed of killing several people during a fire by not opening church doors to let them out. She realizes her actions were wrong but continuously says she did what she was told and it was her job to keep them in.NaziGermany wanted the death and suffering of Jews. In her mind even if she had her own beliefs about the Jewish people in the Church, the society she was around reminded her that her job was important. In order to stay alive herself her society limited her options by not allowing her to open the door in exchange of her life. Society has and still continues to limit our options.Whether it's the need to follow a certain belief that everyone has as seen in To kill a Mockingbird or to follow rules of society in order for survival as seen in The Reader,society plays a huge role in the choices one makes in life.

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