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Main points for an essay over the factors of decline of the Byzantine Empire, 10 points?

For my World History AP essay, I just need to know some main things to point out. I'm not asking you to write it:)

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    Byzantine empire was rather stagnant society. It was culturally homogeneous and was not willing to accept any input outside, since it considered everyone inferior. When Frankish clergy opposed Greeks in the synod of Lyon, Greeks had withdrew and never again participated with religious tasks with the Western Christianity. This had left them intellectually stagnant when the Christian world around them was evolving. The beginning of the decline started in the first decades of the 11th century, when Byzantine empire decided under Basil II to invest entire energy, money, and resources to conquer its arcirival state, the Bulgarian Empire. During this campaign one the most brutal in the history of humanity, while victorious, Byzantine empire destroyed and exterminated neighboring Bulgarian empire and extended its borders to Danube and Balkans. It was first time, since the fall of the Roman Empire, when Byzantine empire was able to make Danube its frontier. However, the conquest was not followed by recovery of the acquired land, it actually became financial burden and draw too much resources and standing army, when at the same time Islamic army was penetrating into Anatolia. Within 50 years after conquest of the Balkans, Byzantine empire suffered thorough defeat from the hands of the Seljuk at the battle of Manzikert in 1071. Byzantine Empire had never recovered territorially from this defeat, which left he Islamic forced to build their state right at the Byzantine backyard. Byzantine Empire had not learned from mistakes that were the case of Justinian. It was over extension of the Empire with costing too much resources and having not any beneficial input to the state treasury and the population. Once the cost of the occupation became too much, it was difficult for the Byzantine empire to fight two enemies at once. One from revolting Bulgarians and Serbs within and the foreign invasion from the east. When the Byzantine empire lost almost entire Anatolia to Turks, it requested the help of the Christian West to fight them. This lead to first Crusade and even much more loss of the power to the hands of foreigners. When Byzantine Empire stood in the way of the Western Christianity, the Crusaders sacked the capital in 1204 and it was reduced to pariah state, playing secondary role in Europe and Middle East. Constantinople lost its position as the most important trading center of the Mediterranean, and it was replaced by Venice as the major financial and economical hub. This deepened economical depression of the state, which could not generate anymore income for its defenses.

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    Hello…The Byzantine EmpireThe Byzantine Empire, the survivor of the Roman empire, flourished into the oldest and longest lasting empire in our history. It began with Constantine the Great’s triumph of Christianity. He then transferred his capital from Rome to the refounded Byzantium in the early 4th century, year 330 AD, and named it Constantinople after himself. This city became the surviving safe spot after the breakup of the Western Roman empire by the 5th century. It was by far the largest and richest city in Christendom during the Middle Ages with a population of about one million people. (Encarta)Constantine the Great had established a criterion for the empire to follow throughout its history. It included the harmony of the church, the leaders and the teachers of the empire. Constantine created a successful new monetary system based on the gold solidus, or nomisma which lasted well into the middle of the 11th century…You can get more info here:

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    role of the church and how the church began to favor the franks over the Byzantines. as you probably know the Church is a huge part of politics during this time