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Thesis Challenge! I really need help with this essay.?

I can not come up with a thesis statement and I can not come up with the intro paragraph. Please Help Me :)If you see any other errors let me know. Or anything that would make it sound better, this is for college admission!Essay Topic : Briefly discuss one activity or achievement that has had the most meaning to you and why?I began to do volunteer work in my early high school years. Working with a variety of animals such as dogs, cats, and rabbits in an animal shelter called Angels of Assisi. Each animal had a different set of tasks. Feed, groom, water, clean cages and kennels, and lastly socialize. This activity became a weekly responsibility and I felt this was my job. Every week brought something new, from adoption days to viewing surgeries. I gained so much experience with animals and even made a new friend. Her name was Jane; Jane was an all black pit-bull. She came to the animal shelter in terrible condition, stabbed and beaten. During her recovery I had to monitor her, in this time I connected with not only Jane but with the shelter. I realized how much volunteers help out the environment so decided to get my family and friends involved. Till this day I continue to volunteer as well as my family and friends. I have now begun to work with abused horses and grown closer to them day by day. Volunteer work has showed me an interest in the animal career field. And I hope in the near future I will have a career helping abused animals of all sorts.*** I am thinking about adding this for part of the intro paragraph : Debbie Weir once said that "There is no "I" in Team but there is a "U" in volunteer."

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