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Bad idea to choose a controversial topic for my Georgetown admissions essay on a current global issue?

I'm applying to the Walsh School of Foreign Service of Georgetown University. This is the prompt:Briefly discuss a current global issue, indicating why you consider it important and what you suggest should be done to deal with it.I want to write about the Arab/Israeli conflict in the Holy Land and my strong belief in supporting Israel unwaveringly. However, I'm kind of worried that choosing what could be a controversial topic might hurt me if the admissions officer holds the completely opposite opinion. What do you guys think?I could also do it on Iran, and the need to take decisive action to prevent them from attaining nuclear weapons (i.e. not open diplomacy and friendly talks with their terrorist-supporting dictatorship.)

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  1. linna's says:

    They couldn’t not let you in because of your views, that would be discrimination.

  2. nonimpartment says:

    No you should not

  3. degisir says:

    Doing a controversial topic will show that you have guts. Realize Georgetown and George Washington University want people with initiative. These are law schools and medical schools, they want people to stand for what they believe, they want you to fight for what you believe. That school is built on arguments. Think of it this way if your are not willing to debate a controversial topic then why do you plan to go to that school. That is what that school is meant for. Plus the more interested you are in the topic the more you will have to say about it, as well you will be able to find more facts to back you up because you know what you are looking for, as well then if they bring up your paper in your interview with an alumni then you will not be as worried because you will be able to support your paper on the spot and remember it.

  4. sulpholysis says:

    No, it’s definitely not a bad idea–in fact, I’d say that’s exactly what you SHOULD do. Universities like Georgetown are not looking for PC wusses–they want to see people who can argue positions and support them with facts. They will care far more about your communication skills and the way you logically support your positions than they will about your opinion per se. Go for it, and good luck.