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Discuss the role of factors that influence attitudes towards food?

I've been trying to start this essay for a long time but i can't work out what to write as an opening sentence/ paragraph! I was thinking of looking at culture and mood and i was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to how to start it? I'm not asking for people to do my homework for me, but any ideas would be welcome, thanks x

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    You could start be stating that every one needs food to survive.Some cultures spend all their time farming and hoping to get enough to get by. So the production of food is all important to them.In western cultures, food is more social. We like to go out to eat with family and friends. Advertising plays a large part in our values of food.Income is important. People on low incomes tend to fill up their families on cheap high fat, high carbohydrate foods.People with large disposable incomes can dine out at expensive restaurants and impress friends. Shop at high end grocers like Harrods and Fortnum and Masons. These food halls do not do price comparisons with the like of Asda, Salisbury’s and Tesco!