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Does anyone have ideas for a short, simple film?

I'm in college and taking an Intro to Film course to satisfy a requirement. My major is in Accounting, so this is NOT my strong class. We have been studying genres and writing essays on them. Now we're supposed to make a short movie, 5-7 minutes long, specific to one genre... Melodrama, Comedy, Horror/Sci-fi, Musical, Documentary, Western, War, or Film Noir. I don't have a lot to work with and I just really need to pass this class. Thanks for any help I can get!

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  1. curdiness says:

    okay well this actually sounds fun Western ,War ,Horror/Sci-Fi,Film Noir I would pass .I would choose between Melodrama ,Comedy ,Musical ,Documentary .Drama I would prob write and film something about Marriage dating or Family that’s easy topic to get Drama story lines from .Comedy – I would do something like with Family or draw from my own life and something that happened to me I ‘m quite clumsy haha I actually have walked into a pole while reading a book .Musical – I watch Glee and Smash so I thinking I would go the Smash route and think of someone or something and write 2 songs have some sing it with some acting too .I would choose Documentary simple …A day in the life of …teacher then film their day or a day in the life a 6 year old show the world according to a little one .