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How can i get this person to stop asking how the cuts on my legs happened?

they saw them in PE when i was playing tennis and during english class they kept asking for my explanation in a harassing type of way (nonstop, i told him i owe him no explanation (since he is just a random person to me) but he kept asking anyways even when i ignored him)btw before anybody says anything im a guy.i guess i started out of curiosity and kept doing it when i found out it makes me feel good (ive known for the better part of about 3 weeks that i likely wont graduate like im supposed to because english 12 here revolves around essays and i cant do essays. im good at tests but essays are way overpowering in % and its basically either you can pass or you cant; the teacher seems to enjoy watching students struggle and doesnt believe in extra credit).today i found out that i wont graduate for sure because "Big surprise" 60% of the final exam is essays also.

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  1. coronal says:

    You can’t. Ignore the Clown & let him get bored of wasting his Time- & go away. That’s the ONLY Way to handle- Stupidity. :(