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Reasons for schools not to enforce uniforms?

I have an essay due about why not to enforce uniforms at our school district. Please Help!

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  1. weitaus says:

    you’ll look the same as everyone so you would want to be:differentexpressiveindividualcreativein styledevelope skills

  2. contund says:

    They’ll take away independence, it’s a free country.Kids express themselves by the way they dressKid’s will start to not like school because of that and they’ll start to either drop out or get bad grades.

  3. revealability says:

    makes school life dull because you cant show off any clothesand its harder to show your individuality with uniforms. It is cheaper for the schools to not have uniforms

  4. defectively says:

    KIds would look the same! ” Hey Steve! Sorry Jim!” Most are really hot! ” Nude party at my house! We got ice cubes!”Kids would still get made fun of because they look ugly in it. ” You have been expelled for not wearing out dress code!JUst flat out dumb! ” Today you kids will be tested to make sure you’re not dumb!”

  5. scaurie says:

    To promote individuality and decision making.If you are choosing to write this essay, rethink. This is my first year wearing a uniform, I thought I would hate it but I LOVE it now. It sounds cliche, but it’s much easier than picking out clothes every morning.

  6. fetched says:

    uniforms aren’t really that bad but here are some reasons not 2 enfore them…freedom of expressionindividualitycomfortcreativityaand wow this is hard cant think of many more…ill add on l8er if i can think of any…