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Summer exams help?

Anonymous,At the moment I have school exams and was given minimal time to revise due to the amount of homework given in each class. Each of my classmates share the same opinion.I did my biology exam on monday and although I was revising before the exams I completely blanked a week and a half before my exams and I found I had to revise from scratch again....I am finding it difficult to retain long essays in my head when previously I never had such problems. For my other exams it was the same scenario revise from scratch on what was coming up on the test. I found out that I got an A in biology but I was wondering how this was possible. I had essays for french and irish to learn this week but neither reading nor writing helped me memorise them. Also I worked hard throughout the year and achieved excellent results and I feel that if I do badly I would be letting myself down.Problems with:ConcentrationMemorisationFatigueHELP? PLEASE!

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  1. obturate says:

    I know a solution to the homework; in our school we have a ‘homework break’ where when the main time for exams is on we only get homework in the subjects that have exams. You should suggest this to your teachers and see what they think. Less homework might help you feel more confident, as you’ll have less to worry about :-) good luck!

  2. rossinc says:

    You are obviously someone who is very lucky in that you can retain a lot of information but unlucky in that you panic and stress over exams…I know it sounds very patronising and I genuinely don’t mean to be but maybe you could relax a littleIn terms of studying why don’t you tr different forms of study – I always found mindmapping very helpfulCheck this [external link] …