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I have a big history final and need help?

this is one of the essays on the final:How did the ideas of nationalism affect the political structure of European History in the late 19th and 20th Centuries? Pick at least two of the following countries and discuss. England Germany Russia/Soviet Union Italy Poland AustriaI need help, please give me somewhere to start

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    In 1814 and 1815, Europe met at the Congress of Vienna to settle Europe after years of war. Many of the territorial gains made by the forty odd remaining German states during the wars were kept. The Duchy of Warsaw was broken up and the pieces given to Russia and Prussia. Poland disappeared as a sovereign state once more. Prussia also took a large portion of the Kingdom of Saxony. It may have been punishment for Saxony not abandoning Napoleon quickly enough. Prussia also received Swedish Pomerania. The German Confederation was also created, which was to promote trade and provide for the common defense of the German states. A diet was created for members to vote on matters.People in the German states looked forward to this new era as a time to instill human freedoms and the idea of representative government in German society. Special privileges for classes would disappear. This was also the start of German nationalism, and the idea that there should be a unified German state.Despite the resistance of rulers and groups of people to reform and change, society was still changing. Some of the changes were because of reforms enacted by the rulers. Most of the reforms were related to the different groups of people within the states and the economy. Other transformations occurred because of the changing times and the Industrial Revolution. The economy was deregulated and the guilds and towns lost many of their special privileges. This led to a more capitalist economy. The nobles lost many of their privileges as well, and had to learn to live in a more capitalist society without serfdom. Land ownership was opened to all classes and serfdom abolished, giving rural people the ability to own land, move around, or take up new employment. Because this was the time of the Industrial Revolution, new industries were created and others grew or became more mechanized. This led to the decline of some, small-scale industries that had taken place in the home or small shops. Factories led to the growth of towns and cities and the creation of a new urban worker. There was a fear of industry and mechanization in some states, and attempts were made to slow its growth, but it forged ahead anyway. The evolving economy led to the growth of the middle class, an educated class that was well off enough to participate in politics, if given the chance. Farming techniques improved, lea