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Why am i an american patriot? i have an essay thats due tomorrow and i didnt even start it! plz help….?

it has to be 300-400 words and i dont know what to write! is anyone else doing this?

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  1. extinguisher says:

    …contrary to most people…a patriot is someone who cares enough about their country that they’ll try to make it a better place to live….defend it?…sure..support it?….sometimes not.An anti-war protester is as much a patriot as a soldier. I just wish that simple thought would get thru to all the small minded americans out there. Were Jefferson and Adams not patriots? We have the best government money can buy….what a shame. Be a patriot…write your senator or rep.

  2. moldava says:

    the gurl up top what school do you go to cuz i am having the same problem cuz my dumd teach wants us to wrie a 300-400 word essay and its due tomorrow! Report Abuse

  3. Sparta says:

    lmao im doing this too!@ this is what i have so far (131 words)A patriot is someone who loves, supports, and defends his or her country. I am an American patriot because I love the country I am in. There are many reasons I love America. This country gives everybody freedom of speech, and does not judge people by race or opinions. I think that I am an American patriot because, I grew up here, and I love the country that I live in. I respect peoples differences, and I help my community by not littering, and by helping out others. We should all honor, and show respect for those who have fought in wars to defend us, our country, and our freedom. Those people are sacrificing their lives each day for us. I applaud their courage to go there and fight for us.

  4. mobilex says:

    Are you an American patriot? Or are you someone who just happens to have been born in America and doesn’t really give a hoot? Somehow, I doubt that. So think about the reasons you are glad you live in America. What special things do you enjoy that young people in other countries do not? You go to bed each night in a clean, comfortable bed, in a clean, comfortable house, after eating a nourishing, tasty meal. You have a computer to use – and the list goes on and on. Are the advantages you enjoy worth defending? Would you fight for them? Would you support someone else who did? These are all contributing factors to being a patriot – so think about your own life and decide why you think America is worth defending. Verbally or physically.