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Help on IB extended essay psychology topic?

For the IB diploma program, I need to write an extended essay paper about something in psychology. It should be similar to a college thesis, but it is for high school and should be about 17 pages long. It has to be analytical and based on a question such as "to what extent do cultural differences influence the memory process?I want my question to either deal with the psychology of attraction or the psychology of why rape is such a common war crime, but anything regarding psychology would help.Any suggestions?Thanks!

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  1. fLchdir says:

    Well before you decide on a topic and thesis, you need to do the research first. A common misconception about research papers is that you pick a thesis and THEN do the reading – but you can’t form a proper idea without the information first. I think the topic involving rape as a common war crime is very interesting. Do some reading, see what other people have to say about this: why is rape such a common war crime? How is rape used in war? If you answer this last question, you could look at rape by soldiers of civilians, rape of soldiers by other soldiers, rape of prisoners of war by soldiers, etc.Once you’ve read the literature, you can answer your question and that becomes your thesis. Ex. 1: “Rape is used to dehumanize the enemy, making violence against them easier, but also to inextricably bond the group of rapists in their crime forcing them into a conspiracy.” Ex. 2:”Rape is a response to the lack of control experienced in wartime situations by soldiers – soldiers value control and authority, but in a real war are often thrown into chaos; rape re-establishes their power.”