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What are some good women’s rights topics for an essay?

So, in my Communication Arts II class, we just read the play/book "A Doll's House" by Henrik Ibsen.Now we have to write a women's rights movement research paper. The assignment is:"Each student will be writing a six paragraph research paper on women's rights in the 1800's and early 1900's. Your topic can be anything you choose to write about that deals with women's rights."I've been trying to come up with an interesting topic for the past two days and can't come up with ANYTHING. I don't really want to do anything about like, abortion rights and domestic violence in the 18-1900's because some other kids in the class are doing those.Does anyone know of any really interesting topics that would help me create a good thesis statement and essay? Please and thank youuuu.

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    How about Alexandra Kollontai? A wealthy woman, with a title from the nobility, who fought for women’s rights and for the poor in the Russian Revolution.She wrote about politics, economics, and sexual freedom, in a time when any woman who had sex outside of marriage or even talked publicly about sex was considered a “whore.”She was appointed the Soviet Ambassador to Norway, the world’s first female ambassador (1923).She led the “Workers’ Opposition,” a group of dissident communists who said that the USSR was losing the freedoms that the revolution had fought for, and fought for reforms in the USSR more than 65 years before Gorbachev.After making a big stink about justice and rights at first, she unfortunately chickened out and caved in to Stalin’s bureaucratic dictatorship. She died, retired on a government pension, in 1952, a month before her 80th birthday.Nevertheless, in spite of her backing off from her early bravery, she made important contributions to women’s rights around the world.EDIT: How about Dr. William Randolph Lovelace II and the “Mercury 13″? He supported equal rights for female pilots to participate in the space program. He advocated women being allowed in the U.S. Mercury program, and invited 13 women to participate in the same tests as the official male astronauts (tests that he had designed in the first place) at his private clinic.In 1960, all 13 of the women passed Phase 1 of the three-phase test process. Lovelace was not allowed to use the government equipment that he needed for the other two phases. The Navy wanted either a government charge number or cash payment for use of their equipment. NASA would not give Randolph a charge number, and his project, privately funded by famous female pilot Jacqueline Cochran, had run out of money. The process was halted.Two of the women, however, Jerrie Cobb and Wally Funk, succeeded in passing the other two phases of tests by begging, borrowing (and it is alleged) stealing access to the equipment on their own.Any one of these women could have been successful space flyers, but were not permitted to do so.The first woman in space, therefore, was Valentina Tereshkova, on board a Soviet Vostok spacecraft in 1963.No American woman flew in space until twenty years later, in 1983.EDIT: Sorry, that’s not EARLY 1900s. Oh, well..