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Why should same sex marriage be legal?

don't tell me why it shouldn't. I want reasons why it should be legal for a persuasive essay im writting in english

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  1. corcher says:

    As long as 2 consenting adults who follow the marriage criteria for their state comply with those rules? They should be able to marry in order to have the same penalties/benefits affrded to any other married couple. Pure & simple.Just in case the extremist come on here ranting about what same sex marriage leads to, there is NO state that recognizes marriage other than:2 (not 3 or more)consenting adults (which leaves out children, animals, inanimate objects, & non-humans, since none of those can consent/sign any legal document)not closely related per their state’s marriage laws (‘ in 20+ states, you can marry your 1st cousin)abiding by the CIVIL marriage laws of their state (which means you do not have to get married in a church for that marriageLinks are provided below

  2. em-five says:

    Gays being denied marriage denies us so many of the rights given to married couples. You could google rights given to married couples and find hundreds of them. Good luck with your paper

  3. unnagged says:

    Because if straight people can f**k up their lives and get married, we should be able to as well.I’ve watched loving same-sex couples who have been together for years not be able to get married in certain states, but complete strangers who are straight can get married. It isn’t right.

  4. bobbee says:

    Because not allowing same-sex marriage is a violation of the 14th Amendment of the Constitution.And, simply put, there’s no reason it *shouldn’t* be.

  5. thorter says:

    because love is love is love.

  6. Sak says:

    Because we are humans as well. We should be allowed to love and marry who we want, and not have to be looked down upon for our orientation.