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Entertainment wise, what are some other things that the U.K has and America does not?

I think that most pop songs listened today have only few good singers which most are From the U.KAdele, JessieJ, Leona Lewis etc. Harry potter was written by a U.K writer, and Stephanie Meyer's pathetic book was written in america.What are other things in entertainment that the U.K is better at?I am not trying to be mean. I know that all countries have there pros and cons, but I am kind of doing an essay thing. Please don't have rude answers. Please don't take offense either!Plus I am from the U.S.A.

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  1. Neomylodon says:

    “Entertainment wise” there is a lot more stuff than just pop. Indeed, more than just music!There are certain genres that exist in the UK but not the USA.Pantomime? Morris dancing?Welly throwing, dwyle flonking, cheese rolling…

  2. sdapref says:

    Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, the band Yes, a little punk rock, the tv show Faulty Towers, a lot of stuff.

  3. brebant says:

    It is like you are trying to make a conclusion and justification. London has lower priced live theater and probably lower pricing at concerts. The UK has a younger drinking age and club admission, so 18 year olds are treated as true adults in the UK.As to who is good as performers, that has to be a true judgement call if you just happen to like certain female UK pop singers. On the pop charts, I see Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Rihanna (from Barbados), Flo Rida, and then Adele (as UK), Selena Gomez, the group LMFAO, then JessieJ (as UK), David Guetta (as France), and Gavin McGraw making top-10 this week. JK Rowling who wrote Harry Potter is UK, but that only says that entertainment is global. The US is still the movie company production capital. It’s not about mean or offensive. Entertainers are all over the world. Riverdance is Irish. I liked the TV shows Skins out of the UK. In general I think UK has higher quality TV shows. You can add the late Amy Winehouse to your list who was UK.To me, the world is just getting more global.