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Star Wars or Star Trek?

i personally can't pick, i'm planning to write an essay of one.

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  1. JAYNE says:

    Star Trek (not the movie,im talking about the actual series).Star Wars cant be compared to Star Trek…

  2. aftervision says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if people would actually READ the question before they answer it? So far it looks like only one other person has seen that you’re not asking about which franchise is the better one … you’re asking which one would be easier to write an essay about. In that respect Star Wars wins hands down.The Star Wars saga has had more impact on American culture and the film making industry than almost any other event. The industry changes are pretty easy to pick out but some of the cultural aspects of it are harder to see. I have written a paper on this exact subject and would be more than happy to share the findings of my research with you if you decide to pick Star Wars to write about. A few of them are as follows:Star Wars was one of the first “blockbuster” summer movie hits … from then on every summer featured more and more so called “blockbuster” stories. SW also was one of the first movies to use the musical score as a kind of “partner” used in telling the story of the movie. Lucas himself has said that he truly believes that SW would not have been the same kind of monster saga that it has become without the music of John Williams to help drive the emotional parts of the story home with incredible music. There are so many movies out there that never would have amounted to anything with out the music of John Williams. You can even draw parallels to real world events that were happening at the time the movies came out … a few examples: the Iran embassy hostage situation, the “Miracle on Ice” 1980 US Olympic hockey team, and the Presidential administration of “Ronnie Ray-Gun”.Now that being said I would be remiss if I didn’t say that Star Trek could be used as a topic also because there are many things in that story that are worth talking about also but Star Trek is a more “technical” type of story where SW is more a “fantasy” Sci-Fi story.Anyways … just my two cents on the issue. Feel free to message me for more info if you decide to use Star Wars for your essay.May The Force Be With You ….

  3. portage says:

    Star Wars! There’s just so much to talk about!

  4. consolidative says:

    Star Wars; no doubt. The story and history with Star Wars; watching everything fall into place…. It is definitely the one you want to wrie an essay on

  5. nittany says:

    star wars star warsstar warscmon who else has light savers

  6. unsolid says:

    Damn, that’s a toughie…STAR WARS! May the force be with you.