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To kill a mocking bird essay ideas?

I have to right an essay on to kill a mocking bird. The specific topic is: Should Atticus have defended Tom Robinson, was there no point? I was just wondering about effects his trial could of had on maycomb, or even america. Any ideas or suggestions would help.

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  1. burglin says:

    i think the trail effected Maycomb by showing it that black people do not necessarily commit all of the crimes and that whites arent better than blacks in anyways. You see that when the hill billy white guy tries to kill the little ham and her brother. And one of the ppl in the jury voted against Tom getting punished. so although atticus only changed the mind of one person it was still worth it because it will eventually growsorry i read the book a long time ago so some details are a little fuzzy

  2. Illinois says:

    effects can include:- show the division between white and black society.- show that some people are not prejudiced to different races- you can also relate to kill a mockingbird to president lincoln and the civil war.-make some people change their minds about being racially prejudiced

  3. blurrier says:

    This is pretty easy, we had many essays about TKAM in seventh grade; lets see if i can remember. If your wanting to see if he had any effects on Maycomb, yes he did. The whole town was turning against him in a fight to see if he “raped” the daughter, when in turn we all know he was innocent. So even if Atticus had to defend him, which he did, and he lost, which he did again; there was no way around him being guilty. It’s a small town and at the time, anyone will believe what the “rich daughter” says. Then again his trial in America would have been more proof these days, just for the fact that they can test many sides to this arguement. If he were to be tried, say tomorrow, they would be able to find evidence that he had not “raped” her and then Atticus would have been able to prove him innocent. I hope this helps some, and don’t use it as the straight answers to put into your essay; because teachers will know. Plus you never know, i could be wrong.