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Will I get into Ohio State?

I'm a junior, and my cumulative will be a 3.0 by the end of the year.OSU is my DREAM school. It's the only college I want to go to.If I have a 3.0 cumulative GPA,really good letters of recommendation (one from my honors chemistry teacher or one from my honors german teacher, and my counselor--he's been fantastic; he knows why my grades weren't god my freshman year (bc of family reasons) and he can vouch for that), a 30 ACT (I'm waiting on my results from the latest ACT), my last SAT was 1630 (taking it again next weekend, but I'm more focused on the ACT)I've been on the varsity swim team for 3 years, qualified for states two years Water polo varsity for two years, played polo for 3 yearsSwim and polo captain for next yearSelected as an OSU MLK Jr. Scholar (top two african american students from each school are recognized at OSU)Won the EF Tours Global Citizen contest (thousands of students across the nation applied, 20 were chosen to win a scholarship to Germany)People editor on the yearbook staff, will be yearbook editor next yearOn BARE literary magazineSpecial Olympics volunteerSelected to help with freshmen orientation (only a select few are chosen)Might be a camp counselor next year (will hear back beginning of next year)I live in OhioThese are the classes I have taken:9th grade: honors lit and comp, global history, physical science, lunch, wellness, german, study hall, geometry10th grade: american hist, english, biology, lunch, study hall, german, advanced algebra, photography/photographic technology (each was 1 semester)11th grade: ap english, ib psychology (not taking it next year), honors chemistry, lunch, ceramics/study hall (each was one semester), honors german, yearbook, and advanced functions and trig12th grade: ap english, ap government, ap chemistry, lunch, study hall, yearbook, ap german, precalculusI also know I'll have a very strong essay (my yearbook teacher was a harvard grad and she is an amazing editor, and i'm a very strong writer so i'm confident in that)I have family reasons as to why my grades weren't as good as they are nowMy grades have an upward trendso, chances of getting onto main campus? should i apply right away, or should i wait for my first semester senior grades to be complete to apply?what can i do to strengthen my chances of getting in besides studying harder and good SAT/ACT? (also, If i score over 30 on the ACT, will that boost my chances a lot?)and does race play a factor in admissions?

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  1. beaconage says:

    I’m sure you’ll get in. You might want to get your GPA up a bit, but your test scores are good and you’re taking AP and honors courses, so you should be good even with a 3.0. I got in with less than that.

  2. expurgative says:

    You’ll get in