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Rate my short SAT essay? :-)?

Technology is the basis of everyday life in the twenty-first century. Over the past century or so, this "knowledge" derived from technology became more of a burden than a benefit. There is absolutely no need for technology. It makes things way too easily accessible for people, especially teens today. Little do they know however; technology sometimes makes things harder to do.It is certain; the need for technology is not as great as it once was. The knowledge people gain becomes more of a burden than any thing else. Everything is now done for us. One hundred years ago, there were colorless television sets; now there are cell phones, plasma TVs, and even highly efficient computers. There is just way too much modernization.How much is too much? This is easily answered. Twenty-first century children have things too easily accessible. With the touch of a button, a TV set is turned on. With the touch of a button, people can talk amongst one another over cell phones. The excessive use of technology has caused at the very least, laziness, and many cases of childhood obesity. Although it seems as if technology makes life easier, it is in fact the opposite. Most, if not all the time, technology makes life more complicated than it needs to be. It is clear the twenty-first century is significantly more sophisticated than before. Furthermore, there is no need for technology. It makes tasks too easy in the twenty-first century. It is clear that life is more sophisticated now than ever. Technology is the cause of such burdens. The technology we come to believe as "knowledge," actually makes simple tasks harder to do.Alrighties wrote this within 25 minutes :- rate it out of 6 and critique would be nice as well :-) thanks in advance

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  1. uncovers says:

    it’s gr8 5/6 but i think u could have supported ur point of view more nd give more examples it’s gr8 but there is something missing

  2. annealed says:

    Your conclusion basically repeats a good portion of your introduction almost word-for-word.I know it can be tough to come up with a good conclusion under time constraints, but it would be much stronger an argument if you talked more about the implications of your argument in the conclusion. So technology isn’t necessary. Is it realistic to eliminate it? Or how can this knowledge be channeled into society?