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Will average SAT scores hurt chances at an Ivy League school? ?

I am a well-rounded high school senior in everything except my SAT I score. It's a 1920 (660R, 640W, 620 M) and I've taken it three times and could only achieve that as my highest score. My subject test scores are far better: 690 US History, 690 Chemistry, 650 Math IIC.I boast a 4.33 GPA (W), and 3.92 GPA (UW). I have taken 5 APs, and scored three 4s and two 3s since my junior year (later attaining the AP Scholar with Distinction award). I am taking five this year, and expect to increase my GPA to a 4.4. I am involved in several organizations that I have feasibly been involved with. I'm also a column writer in my community, writing about adolescence from a mature perspective. Consistency counts, rather than being involved in many and not inputting as much into them. I also belong to my school's NHS Chapter for the past three years and have been equally involved through such in leadership roles, am in the top 5% and will continue to aim higher in the ranking (closer to top 20), I rank 34/706 students, and I'm a first generation Lithuanian-Amreican. I am passionate in all that I do. I write comparably well, and believe that my essays will reveal my most venerable qualities (not being cocky, but I've been told by my AP Lit teacher that such is possible). I am President of a club that I am also involved with outside of school through it's non-profit organization. I also hold leadership in a few other things, but again it's consistent. If my other strengths outweigh my average SAT score, am I in the running to get into such a school? Of course, I have 7 backup schools. Please don't look at my stats as daunting or hopeless because Ivy Leagues do make exceptions and prefer students who are able to contribute more to an incoming class rather than an individual who gets a 2400 on their SATs and is completely academic.

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  1. inquisitivenesses says:

    hurt your chances?They’ll keep you out, and that may be for the better, to be fair. Princeton or Yale have extremely hard coursework, which people with average SAT scores struggle with, and this has been shown time and time again. So, even if you make it by some lucky shot, which you won’t, since they kind of do filtering by SAT score and GPA at most of these schools, you will struggle at doing what many of these kids consider “average” work.SAT measures your ability, and though hard work does matter quite a bit more, it won’t get you to the point where you will be able to cope with the work expected of a extremely intelligent “average” Ivy Leaguer.

  2. winched says:

    i think u have a great chance with ur amazing extra-curriculars and heritage

  3. ciscos says:

    There’s almost no chance for someone with an SAT score of below 2000 to get into an Ivy League school. :S