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Few questions about the treaty of Versailles and the start of WWII?

I have an essay of the start of WWII to do, and I need a few question answered before I start.1. How did the Treaty of Versailles affect Germany? The conditions I can Remember are:Not alowed to bring troops to the RhinelandWas limited on how big their army and navy could be (Exact limits would be helpful please)Not allowed to make an alliance with AustriaHad to accept blame for the Great war (Why, the war was started in Austria-Hungary and it's start had nothing to do with Germany)2. Why did Britain and France Appease Germany? (Let Hitler make the alliance with Austria, increase army size and invade Czechoslovakia)3. When was the Nazi-Soviet pact made?

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  1. egglike says:

    1. Germany army was reduced to 100,000 and navy to around 14 ships. They were also allowed no heavy artillery. Germany lost its overseas colonies and lots of the German Empire on the European mainland was split up into different countires e.g. Poland, Czechoslovakia. Germany also had to pay a lot of money to repair France.2. Both Britain and France were exhausted after the war and had seen the full brunt and devastation it caused, they did not want another and were not prepared for another, so they let Germany get away with a lot of things hoping that they could secure themselves’ peace.3. 1939

  2. grigaby says:

    Germany was forbidden by the Treaty of Versailles to:-have an air force. -have an army in excess of 100,000-armored forces (no tanks/armored cars)The navy can have no more than 6 battleships of no more than 10,000 tons, 6 cruisers of no more than 6000 tons, 6 destroyers of no more than 800 tons, and 12 torpedo boats of no more than 200 tons, and no submarines. Britain (Chamberlain) allowed Germany to take control of the Sudetenland because it had a majority German population, and they wanted to avoid war if possible, the Great War was still a recent memory and no one was in any hurry to star another one. The rest of Czechoslovakia soon followed, and still they wanted to avoid war. The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact was made on August 24, 1939 (but dated August 23)

  3. thereafter says:

    1. Crippled them, many people such as Wilhelm II were tried for war crimes. Germany could have no more than 100,000 troops. They could only have 15,000 naval forces: 6 battleships, 6 cruisers, 6 destroyers, and 12 torpedo boats, they also could not have any subs. They weren’t allowed to import, export, or manufacture weapons and poisonous gases. No tanks, armored cars, or armed air crafts. No blockades whatsoever. Germany also lost many territories and as a result a lot of countries were made, also Poland was restored. Germany also had to pay around 11.3 billion dollars (later changed to 4.99billion) in reparations to the allies. Germany was also blamed for the war because they were the main aggressors and they had destroyed much of the other countries resources etc.2. They just fought a war, the countries were still rebuilding and they just didn’t have the will or money to finance another war, they figured if they let Hitler take this country, or violate this part of the treaty of versailles, then this would prevent another war. Britain’s leader at the time was also a huge push over.3. 1939.Hope i helped.