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I need help with an essay about “The Birds” by: DuMaurier?

I hav to write an essay about the book "The Birds" and I'm struggling with it. The writing prompt is to show 4-5 examples of how the author shows terror and suspense throughout the book and to use examples. I didn't think this book was scary. Maybe if someone could help me a little I could get started

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  1. anthropolithic says:

    That’s the problem with kids today: after Saw and Hostel, nothing short of the threat of immediate decapitation scares them.If you can imagine what reading The Birds would be like withOUT having seen the kinds of horror movies and even TV shows that are out these days, the “terror and suspense”-filled sections may stand out better for you. All I know about the book is that Hitchcock filmed it in ’65. Good movie, though not scary if you’re under 45 or so. Good luck!