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Australians – do you support keeping the monarchy, changing to a republic, or do you not care either way?

What are the pros and cons on both sides? Why do you fee the way you do? I am doing this for a uni essay, so any opinions would be much appreciated?

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  1. vaccinella says:

    keep the heritage mate only the immis want to change things the suit them. most aussies want to be like yanks but go to England and see how many aussies there are there?more than in the usa. so support the monarchy and keep your heritage. and stop selling kangaroo meat to the yanks they love to have a barbie eating it.

  2. karcher says:

    I support a republic for the simple reason that I am Very Patriotic, Just because someone wants one of their own as their head of state dos not mean they are trying to deny their heritage, or that they want to forget the role that the British played in the history of this nation (as alot of these card carrying monarchist would have you believe)It simply means that you love your country and are patriotic

  3. gametophytic says:

    I feel strongly about this and I for one am in favour of a republic. This should have no bearing on your opinion of my answer but for what its worth I am an Australian born Anglo-Australian of Australian born parents (I mean to say I have English heritage, but I am Australian). The monarchy does nothing for us. They appear to feel no sense of responsibility toward us. They seem to spend more time visiting the United States than they do Australia. When we asked for Queen Elizabeth to resove a constitutional crisis she merely told us to deal with it ourselves. As OUR heads of state should they not cheer for us as well as anyone? Yet i distinctly remember Prince Harry leaping for joy as England prevailed in the 2003 Rugby World Cup. Did not our national cricket team deserve congratulations for winning the Ashes 5-0? The English team received them for defeating us for the first time in yonks in 2005 from Queen Elizabeth.The Monarchy represents oppresion of our own brethren, our indigenous population. The initial invasion was done in the name of his majesty. The legislation that led to the stolen generation was made by the state, with the monarchy as its head. Yes, there are great moments of our past but there are ugly aspects too. Separating ourselves from the monarchy does not disregard our history, instead it confirms or independence as a sovereign nation of the future. Instead of thinking of separation from the monarchy as a slap in the face of the queen or whomever, think of it as a young person leaving the family home to make their own way in the world. we are a young nation, but its time for us to grow up.Its pointless comparing us to Canada. I acknowledge there are a great deal of similarities but there is also a big difference. The link to the British monarchy differentiates Canada from the US with which it shares close geographical and cultural proximity. We needn’t worry about that all the way down here.Finally as I started I mentioned that I have a large portion of English background. Having said this I also have a large portion of German background, and some Russian, ansome Spanish, etc. Why should the British dominate? They were here first? Please the Chinese and Dutch far preceeded the Poms and the Aborigines were here some thousands of years before them. We have the largest Greek community outside of Greece, should we try and find one of their royal family? My point here is that there is little to no legitimacy for a British monarch to rule people on this side of the globe who have a very tenuous link to them. We are our own people and I would like someone who is like me (born on the same continent, talks like me, the same national interests, etc) to be my head of state and representative to the world.

  4. newlandite says:

    Without our history and traditions we are nothing but wage slaves and mall rats.

  5. softcon says:

    I’d definitely support keeping the monarchy. Biggest reason – look at what happened to the US when they became a republic? Pros:1. We are part of a great group of nations that is the Commonwealth.2. The monarchy is part of our history. The English settled Australia and are responsible for laying the foundations and supporting the safe, stable, beautiful country that is Australia.3. The monarchy and our link to England provides support for Australia, whether it’s economic, military or otherwise.4. They live in a lovely castle that we can envy.Cons:1. We have no say in who the Monarch is.There we go :) Good luck with your essay!

  6. sereins says:

    Aussieboo, we have the same argument over here, and the province of Quebec is very anti Monarchy, but what people don’t seem to grasp, is that we are all independent countries, and the only link we have to the Mon achy is being a member of the Commonwealth of Countries, which, HRM Queen Elizabeth over her reign has gone to lengths to keep this going and united.Why try and fix something that isn’t broken, is the Monarchy effecting my pocket, if it is I can’t feel it. Are members of the “Firm” traveling to our countries and breaking our chops? Hardly. When you vote, are you voting for Prince William or Prince Charles or Princess Anne, or are you voting for your people there in Australia? One thing I have noticed, when members of the Royal Family visit, like the Royal visit of Prince William and his lovely wife Kate, for the week prior, it seemed to bring out a different sense of pride in the people.My opinion, leave it alone, hang on to a least a smidgen you culture.

  7. corruptful says:

    Keep the monarchy. I see no reason to change it. I love our connection with Britain.

  8. dalteen says:

    monarchy worksno need to change

  9. beshag says:

    I don’t support another country that used Australia as a place to dump convicts and test their nuclear weaponsMost importantly though they don’t put Australia’s interest first in foreign policy, why have another Head of State who place their OWN country ahead of your own? It is not logical.Australia had a better chance of defending ourselves in WW2 if we became a Republic, lucky we didn’t listen to Churchill when he requested Aussies to fight in India, and they fought for Australia.

  10. geotonic says:

    The only people who want to change it are those with an agenda,one that the majority don’t trust.You only have to look at who is running our country now to be very afraid of change.Keep what is our heratige & deny those destroyers of freedom their plans for our future.