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Can you name a sports star who lost his job because of physical injury?

I've got to write this essay on, ''why is healthy body more important than a healthy mind" and I think it would be cool if I could give a real life example of a famous person!Pls don't give me sources; just the name of the star(if he's famous), which sport he/she played and how he got injured and lost his position...blah..blah!ThanX!

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  1. purched says:

    Yeah, Drew Bledsoe when he played Quarterback for the New England Patriots. He got hurt and the Pats put in Tom Brady and the rest is history!

  2. alerion says:

    bobby orr his knees let go back then everybody used to clip his knees till finally he had to retire

  3. sannops says:

    I can give you names of several sports stars who’ve “lost their jobs” Bobby Orr – hockey player – had to retire early due to many knee operations Many thoroughbred racehorses have not only lost their “jobs” but their lives. Breaking down on the track does that.Barbero, Go For Wand, Eight Bells

  4. htarGcM says:

    Zach Thomas was cut by the Miami Dolphins this off-season because of a lingering head injury. He was later picked up by the Dallas Cowboys, but this should suffice.

  5. FBI/NSA says:

    Perhaps the most improbable example is Trent Green tearing up his knee just prior to the 1999 NFL season. He had just signed a multi-year, multi-million dollar contract to lead the St. Louis Rams to great heights. In one fell swoop, his season was done, and not only did rookie Kurt Warner go on to have an MVP season, the Rams won the Super Bowl that very year and Trent Green found himself out of a job. He was traded when the season was over, and to this day is barely an afterthought in Rams lore.

  6. judicature says:

    Juan Encarnacion St. Louis Cardinal Got hit directly in the face with a foul ball twice caused him to retire