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I need a final decision on my classic novel for an extrended essay but…?

i never knew classic novels were so regular...like im not used 2 reading books like that. are there any books that arent all regular? like i asked my teacher if i could do the invisble man or the time machine both whom r by hg wells. but she was like those books r 2 young for you. im sophmore btw. but i dont want a big book either that will be boring..

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  1. orienaj says:

    I hope Lit programs aren’t considering Gone With the Wind as literature….Anyway, what about Brave New World, or 1984? Dystopias like the Time Machine. Sound and the Fury, its definetely not boring but a difficult read and study for a sophomore. Grapes of Wrath, Catcher in the Rye. I’d go with my first two. Or any classic American Literature written after the 1920′s in the modernist period is likely to be less “regular.”

  2. stereotypes says:

    So… what’s your question?

  3. pharmer says:

    the catcher in the rye?gone with the wind (yes its big but not boring!)great gatsby?