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Need help please?

I answered 10 questions. Now I found out I need to write the 10 question in a essay form. Im just asking help for what question I should start off the essay and so on. Theses are the questions:1.What do we know abut the character from his or her own narration?2.What do we discover about the character from others?3.what does the character reveal about the Bundren family in general?4What do we learn about the setting and the culture though the character's narration.5.What happends to the character throughout the novel?6.How does the character compare to other members of the family?7.what is the character's goal throughout the novel?8.How does the character change throughout the novel?9.What is the character's role in the novel?10. What major symbols are associated with the character, and what might they mean?

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  1. plotlessness says:

    no ones gonna do this for yah re-write the question but put put only two questions per question if you know what i mean that way people wont get put off.give me 10 points get your 3 points and ask the same question in a different wayohhhhh yehhhhh

  2. IFF-NET says:

    Just write out the answers without the questions in between and see where you need to make paragraphs.