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Please help me with my 8th grade english! I have to write an essay on…?

Why the modern olympics began. Please help me. I can't figure it out and I don't know how to restate the question and Idk what the details should be. I need help! Can you just give me a rough draft and I will put it in my own words. Or just give me a little info on this topic. But just try to write the short essay like you would write it (It only has to be a topic sentence, three details, transitions, and a concluding sentence if needed. remember: if you just give me the info I can write it! But I would like some help writing the short response because I'm really new to the writing essays thing. Please help me. Thank you 8) buh bye!

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  1. prerevision says:

    OK, I’ll HELP you. But that help will NOT take the form of writing your essay for you. That’s cheating and, if you use it, plagiarism! Eighth grade is not too early to be learning about NOT plagiarizing!First, here’s a how-to for essay writing. Following these directions will give you a decent essay even on a first time. [external link] …This next site will help you on the history of the modern Olympics. Don’t be tempted to copy it. [external link] …And, a concept you need to understand. If we give you a rough draft, and you “put it in your own words” that’s STILL plagiarism because you would be stealing the idea.P.S. Most likely, your teacher will NOT accept Wikipedia as a reference. That’s something else you’re going to need to learn early.

  2. Pelomedusidae says:

    For starters, I think it really helps to make yourself a web or outline. This way you can have all the information laid out and then all you have to do is expand on it in the actual essay. Restating the question is really simple. If the questions is why did the modern olympics begin, then you could restate it very simply by saying, the modern olympics began because…! For three details, find information and then pick out three major topics that you can then go into more detail on in the essay. I would recommend searching google or using wikipedia to find information. Just be sure it’s accurate! Transitions are a simple way to make the paper flow. Use words like second, next, of finally to switch into new topics. And last, the conclusion, just sum up what the paper was about such as, The modern olympics helped shape the world of competetive sports today. Anything that gives readers one last look at the point of the paper. Sadly, no one is going to write an essay for you, but I hope my tips helped! Good luck. And remember, as long as your paper is factual and easy to read/understand, you’ll do great!

  3. iwakami says:

    Just Say The Modern day Olymipics started because… Let That be your thesis and support it with information from wikipedia.

  4. Animikean says:

    just type in modern olympics on google or somethingyou’ll find TONS of stuff.then just restate it, and use the info you need

  5. unrightwise says:

    Is, bychance, your last name Lucier?

  6. parfocal says:

    you can find tons of info on google, and you may also want to add something about helping nations that otherwise would have no contact come together.

  7. ashlars says:

    The modern Olympics began in an effort to bring nations together on the world stage to do something other than fighting each other or giving political speeches. To give peace a chance. To build a common bond. To promote a healthy form of competition between nations. To strengthen positive relationships between countries. To model it after the ancient Greek tradition of the Olympic games.

  8. octopi says:

    All you have to do is READ!If you look on wikipedia, you’ll find everything you’ll need.If you don’t know what the details are, we don’t.Ask your teacher for a rubric; if it’s due on monday, you should have listened in class or asked for one ahead of time.Having someone write your essay for you is not the way to go. Your teacher will learn your writing style as the year progresses, and you’ll lose the teachers trust (which is REALLY bad).