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What is a good argument against a teacher who’s only comments in an essay are to “Focus”?

So I'm writing an end of the year paper to my teacher explaining how the course has helped me in my writing. The teacher only leaves comments in a paragraph at the end of my paper and it always says you need to "FOCUS", double underlined, your paper more clearly. "Cut out all the fluff." These comments are NOT helpful and never once in class has he taught good ways to do this or what he even means by this. What are good points I can make in my final paper back to the course teacher?

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  1. hindrances says:

    Well obviously he is a crappy teacher if he insists you “focus” more when he hasn’t taught any ways that you can keep your paper “focused”. That is also a really bad way of describing a slightly off topic paper, he most nearly means your paper is missing the point or he wants you to analyze more deeply on the topic. In my opinion though if i saw that on my paper, I would talk to him about how you don’t understand what he means by “focused”. All the best.

  2. margo's says:

    well, your only option is to “cut out all the fluff”. Your teacher wants to you narrow your argument to a topic that is so broad. Omit things that really don’t need to be there. It will probably make your essay a little shorter, but at least it will be FOCUSED.its okay though, a shorter focused paper is better than a longer imprecise paper any day.