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Does it sound self-centered to say: I’m the most important person in my life?

I'm writing an admissions essay to a prep-school. It's about the best advice you ever got. I'm writing about "Your own opinion of yourself, is more important then other peoples opinions of you". Would it sound self-centered to say that the most important person in my life is me. As in "the most important person in anyones life is they themself".

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  1. dopamine says:

    if you go right out and tell someone”Im the most important person in my life” is self centered but thinking of it in a book and the details of your book it sounds good. And besides it is the truth you are the most important person in your life in the words of only careing about what you think not what others think.

  2. shorebush says:

    No, it doesn’t sound self-centered in this context. As long as you qualify your answer by the tone of your paper and not sounding concieted.

  3. shoetree says:

    It’s a given that the most important person in your life is yourself – but it’s egocentric to use that as the theme for ‘the best advice you ever got.’ And I would question whether your own opinion of yourself is more important than other people’s opinion of you. I’ve known too many people who were blind to their own faults. In fact, most of us are, and sometimes we need someone to point things out to us. You can certainly say that it is important to listen to advice from other people and to weigh their opinions.

  4. XChange says:


  5. iambize says:

    Not if you can back it up by saying other people are still important. Then it’s fine I think. Just make your wording sound a bit better.