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I need help within 30 minutes! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help!?

I have to write an essay on the economic, political, and social consequences of the Protestant Reformation like a test in class in an hour and I did all of it except at the end of the conclusion, it's supposed to have a "zinger"-something that is thought-provoking. I'm not really sure how you "zing" someone about the consequences of the Protestant Reformation. Do I just put something like "The Protestant Reformation brought the most changes to Europe" or something like that? Any ideas? Thank you so so so much!

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  1. Sanskrit says:

    You can zing them by leaving the reader wondering whether the Protestant Reformation was good or bad or both. If your whole essay was about the good that came from it, throw the reader for a loop by presenting one idea of how it was bad. Or do the opposite if you wrote that most of the effects were destructive. For instance…”The Protestant Reformation ushered in a climate of man’s independence from the church, of challenging the authority of any established government, and the right of every citizen to practice freedom of worship, but in light of the current state of our society, when Congress continues to pass innumerable laws and yet crime is on the rise, did we lose a strong foothold on the base desires of man, or do we have yet to design the perfect drug to pacify man as religion once did?”That adds a bit of controversy to enliven discussion and that is the zing your teacher / professor is looking for.Best wishes to you!