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Did any one do A level english literature?

Ive just started college, and for my A levels i picked art, english language, photography and psychology. -but i only really picked psychology because there was nothing else i wanted to do, and i thought it would be fairly easy. Dint get me wrong, i dont think psychology is easy- its just that i really want to concentrate on my other 3 subjects, and as their mostly coursework based subjects, i thought psychology would even things out a bit. But when i had psychology today, it was so boring- and i dont really want to have to do it for another year when i dont really have any interest in it :/So the other option is that i swap to english literature- which im interested in, but i dont know if it will be way too much work for me to handle. I got an A in it for GCSE, but as i said english has a lot of coursework- so its just a matter of how much time ill have to spend on all 4 subjects. Sorry for the essay, its hard to explain :)Any thoughts on how you found the course, or any advice is much appreciated :)

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  1. acidulous says:

    english lit is well fun! its much ahrder than gcse, but if u enjoy it you shud deffo go for it, i did it for as, carryin it on atm for a2 aswell. its basically like gcse, its good cause u can choose ur own texts for coursework and ur own question (thats what its like in my college anyway), but u have to go more into depth, use critiques, context and literary theories etc. However, sayin that, i also do psychology and i love it. if u started with research methods, ill admit that is a boring topic, but it gets more interesting and ull proli learn about schizophrenia/ocd/phobias/gender development and its really interesting. theyretheyre both really good subjects to take, i found em both interestin, just ask ur tutor and stuff. but, i think englit will tie in well with ur other subjects like art, cause literature is an art. if u want to do something art based in uni, englit will be a good subject to have. find out which exam board ur college use for englit, cause most boards will only get you to do 2 pieces of coursework about 3000 words all together. so it shouldnt be that much really.. sorry if i rambling, good luck with whatever u decide to do!