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How to write an essay for my G.E.D. test.?

I think I remember my English teachers in school telling us to give and opening sentence with on overview of your three basic ideas. We were then supposed to compose the body of the essay with three paragraphs. Each one containing an idea and examples to support it. I downloaded this Cliff's G.E.D. prep off the internet and it's telling me different. It says to write my opening paragraph introducing the three basic ideas. It then tells me to write a one paragraph body, using an example to back up every idea. I take my G.E.D. test in two weeks. English lit has always been my strong point in school and I always got 4s on my essay papers. However, it's been seven years since I've been in a classroom. But back to the point, has memory failed me and I'm supposed to write a one paragraph body, or do I do a three paragraph body. I guess it doesn't really matter either way, as long as my ideas are strongly supported, in a clear manner. But I'm trying to start college in September so I really need to get all of these tests right. Thanks.

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  1. revue says:

    Actually the bar is pretty low for a GED so as long as it is logical, you can do it either way. By the way, your written question is excellent and you will pass with no problem. Just keep it simple and spell all of the words correctly. Use a different word if you are not positive about the spelling. Good luck and do not worry. You are fine.