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Im writing a persuasive essay?

the topic is about childhood obesity and i want to persuade people that all cafeteria foods should be healthy. i have a hooki need help with my thesis statementall cafeteria foods should be healthy because ........, ..........., and cafeteria foods play a major roll in a childs diet. those two blanks need to be things that i can have supporting detail for and..yeah.. if you could help that would be great!

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  1. Abobra says:

    All cafeteria foods should be healthy because if the unhealthy food is not present, it cannot be chosen as an option to eat. Children are getting adult diseases like Type 2 Diabetes because of obesity. I have provided a source link for further research. This is a big (no pun intended)issue that needs to be addressed for the well being of kids everywhere. I also recommend using google to search the issue. However, make certain that your cite your sources properly for the essay. (also be sure you are using a reliable source, ie not yahoo answers) lol Use medical resources.

  2. hemianacusia says:

    The definition of “well-being” does not only include happiness and prosperity, but HEALTH too. In order to create a more sustainable society, we need to take more responsibility by making people healthier, thus making their lives possibly longer. We should first apply this change to young children and in schools.

  3. inaugurate says:

    I would rephrase your thesis statement. What you have written already is a bit lengthy, and that is with blanks. Why not say something like:School cafeterias should serve healthy meals because diet plays a major role in a child’s short-term mental and physical health while also having a long-term impact on nutritional habits.Your first body paragraph could be about how diet impacts brain function: attention-span, brain power, etc.Your second paragraph could be about how diet impacts physical health: weight, growth, etc.Your third paragraph could be about developing good eating habits.